Cheer from Home

Cheer from Home


Come on an amazing journey with us as we cheer for the Australian Paralympic Team at the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games! Join the Team as they strive for greatness and celebrate their victories on the global stage.

As you support our outstanding athletes, add more excitement to your Paralympic experience with our interactive “Tracking Paris Activity.” Each day, enjoy a new and fun challenge that will immerse you in the world of Paralympic sports, allowing you to follow our Paralympians’ success.

But wait, there’s more – we’ve created a special Paralympic Classification Fact Sheet just for kids! Explore the world of Paralympic sports with this easy-to-understand guide, a perfect companion as you watch our athletes showcase their incredible talents. Learn about the classifications, understand each athlete’s unique abilities, and become a genuine Paralympic Games fan.

Let the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games be a source of inspiration, learning, and joy for all. Embrace inclusivity, cheer for Team Australia, and join us in celebrating our Paralympic Heroes. Because with your support, #ImagineWhatWeCanDo!

Keen to show your support for the Australian Paralympic Team?
Here are some tips so you can join the conversation on social media,
and potentially be featured on the Paralympics Australia channels:

1. Snap a photo, video or boomerang of you, your friends or family
cheering on or watching the Australian Paralympic Team.

2. Post to Facebook or Instagram

3. Tag @AusParalympics and use #ImagineWhatWeCanDo
in the post or on your story.

Remember to always be responsible and use common sense when using social media.
Whenever you are unsure as to whether or not the content you wish to share is appropriate, seek advice from others before doing so or refrain from sharing the content to be on the safe side.